About Homecare Shield

Experts in their field, the Homecare Shield team delivers a range of insurance coverages that address exposures specifically faced by Home Care Business Owners who want to reduce their financial worries and protect their livelihoods. We provide a proactive approach, which reduces exposure. Home care is a unique business and we understand all of the moving parts such as hiring caregivers, proper training, the exposure of being put in an unsupervised situation, driving clients, and more.

As a specialist in the Home Care Industry, we’re part of the community and we understand the environment in which our clients and business associates live and work. As an independent agency, we aren’t limited to one company’s products; rather, we have access a broad array of insurers and coverages to meet individual customers’ specific situations and needs. As trained professionals, we listen to what causes clients concern and find ways to reduce these worries.

We are a professional, risk management oriented business built on helping businesses prevent claims before they happen. As an agency and as individuals, we have fun and take pride in country, community, the independent insurance agency distribution channel, and our role in helping others.

We are confident that what we do—with Risk Management and within the Home Care Industry—can change peoples’ lives and their circumstances. Our can-do attitude allows us to view challenges—whether that’s a projected rate increase or a processing snafu—as speed-bumps, not road-blocks. We run toward problems and work through things proactively, where possible.

We recognize that our behavior and approach to situations—positive, negative or neutral—can be contagious. That’s why we maintain a positive attitude in all situations and communications. When facing challenges, positivity focuses on our responsiveness and the work we’ll do to resolve the situation; it doesn’t mean sugar-coating a problem.

Every day, we work together to help our clients. When things go well, together we can celebrate our collective successes.

Meet the Director

Mike McDonough


Mike McDonough has been helping Home Care Owners get more from their insurance dollar for the last 30 years. Homecare Shield is a one-stop solution provider specializing in helping employers increase profits by managing their work place injuries. With your success comes our success. We believe that developing a close partnership with our clients achieves the greatest outcomes. This means we do more than just write insurance policies for you. We get to know you, your business and your goals.

Your Full Service Insurance Expert

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • General Liability
  • Surety Bond
  • Sexual Abuse & Molestation
  • Auto Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Comprehensive Crime
  • Health Insurance

A Few Words From Our Clients

Mike from McDonough Insurance Services has helped us tremendously on getting the lowest workers comp insurance! He helped us out in a sticky situation with our prior Broker & eliminated the short rate penalty. He was very hands on, transparent & helpful. We would recommend Mike for any insurance needs! 

- CP from First Light Home Care

Mike is so passionate about workers’ comp! He has been instrumental in educating our managers and employees to help ensure we keep exposure low and costs down. It’s not uncommon for him to spend an hour or more on the phone if I have a question or need assistance. He is very responsive and thorough as well—always available to help and provides regular check-ins to make sure our workers' comp costs are controlled.

- Patty DaSilva in Santa Barbara, CA


Mike McDonough has been helping employers add more to their bottom line for 35 years. Homecare Shield is a one-stop solution provider specializing in helping employers increase profits by providing Proactive Risk Management. With your success comes our success. Developing a close partnership with our clients allows you the greatest financial outcomes. This means doing more than just writing insurance policies. Getting to know you, your business and your goals increases your chances of lower premiums and higher profits.

Your proactive approach along with your support team – triage, lawyers, and training are all such value added benefits of using your company. Your availability and quick response with action plan when something does go wrong is super valuable. The fact that you are a passionate advocate for the owner is priceless. Most owners are crazy busy and preoccupied, so your attention to detail and the fact that you can foresee situations is such a huge benefit. 

- Jo Holman from Home Helpers Orange Coast

I'm in the workers' compensation business, and I can tell you that Mike really gets it. There are many, many brokers who do not truly understand the important issues in comp. Mike's not one of them. He runs a small company and is close to his clients. As a small business owner himself, he understands their business realities. Mike is straight up and his concern for his clients is way beyond the basics of account management.

- Joe Burgess in Las Vegas, NV

Mike McDonough is one of those rare individuals who brings a unique special perspective to his professional work. As an insurance broker, he consistently puts his clients best interests first, bringing a superior degree of integrity and care to the sales experience. Mike is more interested in supporting people in getting what they want, based upon their goals and objectives rather than selling them on what he thinks they should have. His sincere caring and dedication last well beyond the closing of a transaction. With Mike, you have a partner for life.

- Monica Lenches in Santa Barbara, CA