What is an advocate?

An advocate is a third party who works one on one with an employee and helps navigate the employee through the workers compensation system. Many times an employee will tell a third party things they aren't comfortable sharing with their employer. An advocate is neutral party that their whole purpose and goal is to make sure the employee feels safe, comfortable and knowing their concerns are being heard. Many times, advocates are bi-lingual and that helps ensure there isn’t miscommunication between the employee and employer.

Why have an advocate?

An advocate is a huge game changer and when engaged with an injured worker. The chances of the injured employee hiring an attorney are decreased by 95% or more. Which is why an advocate is a truly valuable role.

The advocate is the life line to the employee in having a successful outcome and returning to work much faster.

Why Choose Homecare Shield

Homecare Shield is a specialty division of McDonough Insurance Services. Our clients choose to partner with us because we are Advocate experts. Let us focus on our business so you can focus on yours. You will always have us in your corner. We are only a phone call away.